Time consuming, expensive, embarrassing and disruptive
mark the attributes of every floor covering claim

Is it ever possible to proactively mitigate the damage and expense caused by any single claim?

  • What if you could implement a simple step to minimize the risk of project failure?
  • What if you could add considerable value to any project for minimal cost?
  • What if you could protect yourself against mistakes by others?
  • What if . . . ?

The answer is yes. Through The Sentry Program, you can minimize risk, add value and protect yourself against mistakes by others.

The Sentry Program™ is about quality assurance - a quality assurance program designed specifically to address the unique needs of any floor covering project. Itís purpose is to identify potential problems before they become future failures. I call it a proactive approach to the challenge of installing today's floor covering materials.

There is no doubt that quality assurance is in the best interest of all parties. The value of an efficient and proactive approach to quality assurance cannot be undertstated.

To that end, Sentry provides

  • A pre-inspection program designed to identify & document variables that can adversely affect the successful installation or future performance of any floor covering product.
  • A pre-inspection program designed to recognize issues through the lens of field experience and over 30 years of studying flooring failures.
  • A pre-inspection program designed to create a written & photographic documentation of job-site conditions, creating a permanent job record ideal for future reference.
  • A pre-inspection program designed to serve as an early warning system for those times when conditions just aren't right.
  • A pre-inspection program designed to add value: Manufacturers, Flooring Dealers & Installation Contractors,
  • Distributors, Architects; Project & Construction Managers, Developers and any other entity interested in success.
  • A pre-inspection program that is fully scalable to meet your needs - Sentry can be as big or as small as you like.

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  The Sentry Program™